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• With Saki’s BF-3X Planar CT (PCT) technology, Saki implements a new high-resolution detector and a new CT calculation method for PCBA inspection. These improvements provide much faster throughput.
• Unique “Planar CT” technology generates high-precision inspection data.
• 3D X-ray becomes a major solution in SMT inspection, as
o Dramatically improve cycle time.
o Broaden the range of objects able to be inspected in the PCBA industry.
• Automated high-resolution 3D measurement technology
o Measuring various defects by using high-resolution CT data
o Seamless 3D data improves inspection efficiency
o Utilize automated 3D image reconstruction to perform inspection and analysis at the same time
o Achieve even greater efficiency with Saki’s peripheral systems
• Reliable hardware design
o High-resolution closed X-ray tube
o Prolonged stability with the high-rigidity gantry structure
o High safety based on European standards





Model Name BF-X3
Resolution 13 to 30μm
PCB Size 50 x 120 to 460 x 510mm
PCB Thickness 0.8 to 4.0mm
PCB Warp +/- 2mm
Component Height Top: 40mm, Bottom: 40mm
Inspection Categories Surface Mount Device
Non-wetting, Head-in-Pillow (HiP), fillet defect, lifted Lead, lifted component, excessive/insufficient solder, missing component, flipped component, tombstone, misplaced component, bridge, void, pad shape, foreign material, coplanarity.
IGBT Devices
Solder Void
3DCapturingSpeed(PlanarCT) Approx. 6 sec./FOV
Detector 130kV model : 14 bit, 3M Pixel | 200kV model : 12 bit, 1M Pixel
X-ray Leakage 0.5μSV/h or less
Operating System Windows 7 English Version



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