Professional support round the clock, around the corner

Comprehensive support
At Prosem, we safeguard the performance of your equipment investment by providing a complete range of services: from turn-key project management of the installation of complete flowlines to sophisticated operational support and training. Whether it concerns a single system or a complete flowline, you can tune a service package precisely configured to meet your individual needs. Comprehensively.

In tune with your business
Your requirements may vary, depending on the size of your facility and in-house capabilities, as well as changes in your market and production demands. Our Customer Support department is always available to support you with first line services or to back up your in-house maintenance department. In this way Prosem works with you to provide services on demand, matching your requirements precisely, attuned to your dynamic manufacturing process.

Maximize your up-time
For consistently high productivity levels on your flowline, you’ll want to maintain your equipment in the best possible condition. Operational Services from Prosem ensure maximized up time, resulting in lower placement costs that give you a competitive edge. Because your support needs vary, Prosem offers you the pick of scalable service packages. You can choose guaranteed levels of service, so that the support you get is always aligned with your individual needs. For the lifetime of all of your SMT equipment you can always rely on Prosem’s Services on Demand .


  • Individual machines
  • Hardware
  • Multiple brands
  • Software
  • Entire flowlines
  • New & existing machines

Optimize your machine placement
From project management to the start-up of your new equipment, Prosem offers structured services to help you get more out of your investment. Efficient installation and start-up support contributes directly towards profitability. That’s why our experienced professionals carefully plan each phase, addressing all the related electrical, mechanical, environmental and organizational issues. With a choice of installation services to smooth the way, you’re prepared for optimal performance, right from start-up.


  • Clear project overview
  • Faster start-up
  • Controlled process
  • Efficient machine utilization
  • Guaranteed functionality
  • Improved productivity