At PROSEM, we can provide SMT Line solutions for all volumes, applications and budgets. Equipment can be arranged for 5,000 CPH up to 100,000 CPH outputs for assembly of various kinds of products such as CFL, Energy Meters, DVD MPEG Cards, Motherboards, Mobile Phone Chargers, and many applications.

FCM II/Multiflex
  • Rated Speed – 96,000 CPH
  • Practical Output – 65,000 – 70,000 CPH
  • Components – 0201 up to 16mm Tape
  • Rated Speed – 14,000/18,000 CPH
  • Practical Output – 10,000/13,000 CPH
  • Components – 0402 up to 25mm2 (Topaz)/ 0201 up to 32mm2 (TopazX)
  • Rated Speed – 6,500 CPH
  • Practical Output – 4,000 – 5,000 CPH
  • Components – 0402 up to 45mm2
Test & Measurement Equipment

Lewis & Clark is one of the globally leading suppliers of Test & Measurement equipment and services with capabilities of complete refurbishment of equipment. Lewis & Clark matches buyers and sellers of previously-owned equipment, asset management of excess systems, reconditioning, field service and training, repair/exchange and repair, as well as equipment consignment and providing assistance with leasing and financing. We also have available an extensive inventory of spare parts and retrofits. Lewis & Clark has been awarded Frost & Sullivan Award for Best Used Equipment Company and SMT Value Add Award.

Actual Refurbished 3070 series 3 system from Lewis & Clark

Equipment available:

ICT Systems such as

  • Agilent
  • Teradyne
  • Checksum

AOI Systems such as

  • VI Tech
  • Orbotech

X-Ray Systems such as

  • Nicolet
  • Glenbrook