LY-V700 (Semi Automatic)

Manufacturer :


  • Extremely Rigid Mechanics for High Stability and Precision
  • High Speed Digital Camera
  • Easy to Operate Human Interface
  • High Accuracy and Repeatability
  • RGB LED Lighting Illumination With Coaxial Lighting Option
  • Automatic Pad Information from DXF or Gerber (RS-274X))
  • Phase Measuring Profilometry (PMP) Using White Light
  • Detailed SPC Analysis View & Export for Process Improvement
  • Red Glue Inspection, Warpage Compensation, Barcode Recognition
  • On a Certified target.



Parameter Value
Max. PCB Size 330*250mm
Inspection Parameters Volume | Area | Shape | Shift | Bridge | etc.
Camera System Digital High Speed Camera
Programming Teaching, Gerber (RS-274X), DXF, Offline
Print Pattern Range 0.15*0.15mm ~ 10*10mm
Accuracy & Repeatability ±1µm @ 3σ*
Max. Optional PCB Size 1,500mm
Resolution | FOV 18µm | 29*29mm
Operating System Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Power | Air 220VAC±10%, 1.2kW | 5 Bar
Dimensions | Weight 820*650*760mm (L*W*H) | 75KG


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