Manufacturer :

• High Speed & Precision Printing Quality
• In-built 2D Inspection (Paste Coverage & Stencil Aperture Check) & SPC Tool
• Automatically adjustable stencil clamping system
• Independent Squeegee System with two independent drives & programmable speed.
• The feedback system for squeegee pressure.
• Programmable Under stencil cleaning system (Dry | Wet | Vacuum)
• Patented high-speed transport system.
• SMEMA compatible
• Possibility to configure Two printer back to back (BTB)




Parameter Value
 Stencil Size 470mm*370mm – 830mm*737mm
PCB Size 50mm*50mm to 500mm*350mm
PCB Thickness 0.2mm ~ 6mm
PCB Warpage Ratio <1% (Based on Diagonal Length)
Fiducial Size 0.1mm to 3mm
Transport Speed 100 -1,500mm/s Programmable
Squeegee Speed 10~ 200mm/s Programmable
Squeegee Pressure 0-15Kg Programmable
Camera System CCD Digital Camera for Remote coaxial vision system four-way independent coaxial/ Geometry
Print Pressure 0~30kg, programmable
Printing Accuracy ±0.020mm
Repeatability ±0.01mm
Cycle Time 8 Sec + Process
Power Consumption 1.5KW
Machine Dimension/Weight 1,250mm*1,450mm*1,510mm / Approx. 1,200KG


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