Fast Component Mounter (FCM)

Manufacturer :


  • 16x Robots, 16x Placement Heads, 4x Feeder Trolleys
  • 1x Adjustable Carrier Kit
  • 30x 8mm, 5x 12mm,2x 16mm Intelligent Feeders
  • 30x Nozzles for various sizes
  • First Time Options incl. Carrier Adj. Tool, Multiflex Cal Set, etc.
  • 1,200mm upgrade (H/W & S/W)
  • Set of Flexible Pallets for Zero Changeover
  • FULLY REFURBISHED, with 3 Months Comprehensive Warranty



Parameter Value
Rated Speed 96,000CPH
Practical Speed 60,000 – 65,000 CPH
PCB Handling Up to 1,200 x 350mm
Component Handling 0201 up to 16mm Tape Components
Pick Efficiency >99.7%
Feeder Type Intelligent Feeders
Power | Air 400V, 3ø, Running ~3kW | 100NL/min
Dimensions | Weight 3,120 x 2,150 x 1,290mm | 2,500kg


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