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  • Wide Range of Vision Parameters Checked, viz., Body Size, Lead/Ball Qty., Lead/Ball Size/Dia, Lead/Ball Pitch, etc.
  • Vision Alignment by Using high Speed Line-Scanning Camera from Basler (Germany)
  • Automatic On-Line Calibration
  • Sanmotion™ Linear Motors from Sanyo Denki, Japan
  • LED Lens Feeding Capability (CPM-II T)
  • Array of Feeding Options – Tape, Stick, Tray, Lens Bowl Feeder
  • Automatic Nozzle Changer for Higher Flexibility



Parameter CPM-II CPM-IIT

Placement Speed


IPC 9850


32,000 CPH

26,000 CPH


26,000 CPH

21,000 CPH

Feeder Positions 42 (Front, Std.)
42 (Rear, Opt.)
16 (Front, Std.)
42 (Rear, Opt.)
Placement Accuracy ±40µm
PCB Handling 50×50 ~ 510x460mm
Optional 1200mm PCB Handling
Component Handling 0201 ~ 100x36mm²
Feeding Types Tape, Stick & Tray
Operating System Windows 7


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