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  • Floating Print Head With Two Independent Drives
  • High Accuracy Alignment Camera
  • Low Cycle Time
  • High Speed Under-Stencil Cleaning
  • Single Stage High Speed Conveyor
  • Programmable Cleaning Mode (Dry | Wet | Vacuum)
  • 2D Inspection System (Paste Coverage & Stencil Aperture Check)
  • Large Alignment Range (X,Y = ±7mm | Ø = 2.0º)
  • SMEMA Compatibility



Parameter Value
Max. PCB Size 510*340mm*
Stencil Size 470*370mm ~ 737*737mm
Allowed Warpage Up to 1% Diagonal Length
Transport Speed 100 ~ 1,500mm/s (Programmable)
Squeegee Speed 6 ~ 200mm/s (Programmable)
Printing Accuracy ±25mm
Cycle Time <7.5s
Power 220VAC, 1f, 50/60Hz | 1.5KW
Dimensions 1,200*1,600*1,520mm


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